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Sun with LS100THa.JPGThe Optus GmbH is your new competent European partner for the newest generation of H-alpha, Calcium-K, and white-light systems from Lunt Solar Systems for observing and imaging the sun.

Whether you are looking for filter systems to upgrade regular telescopes aimed at observing the sun, or you are in search for a complete solar telescope from 35mm to 152mm aperture (without obstruction!!!) - the Lunt instruments offer you the absolute best quality. Lunt Solar Systems will guarantee not only fascinating views of the sun, but also 100-percent safety and protection from by the telescope concentrated dangerous radiation of the sun. On top Lunt continuously offers new innovations such as the air-pressure tuning system "Pressure Tuner" - winner of the Sky & Telescope award "Hot Product of the Year 2010", or the new in 2011 available double stack system DSII with two internal H-alpha Etalon filters which are assembled inside the telescope - of course both filters are equipped with the Pressure Tuner.
LS80THa mit DSII.jpg
Visit us on Stands 45-46 at Astrofest and take a look at the new 80mm H-alpha telescope LS80THa (above), our 2" white-light solar wedge, or to the LS152THa - the largest mass produced H-alpha telescope in the world!

The activity of the sun is heading for a new solar maximum. Be ready for this with the newest generation of solar telescopes and filters from Lunt Solar Systems!

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