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Meet Living Space Legends at the Starmus Festival: Astro-Tourism with a Difference!

Pioneer astronauts and cosmonauts will celebrate 50 years of space and pay tribute in Tenerife during the week 20-25 June, 2011, to the first manned spaceflight by cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. Following this, top scientists will collaborate in a major international conference -  "Discover the Cosmos and Change the World" - and explain the latest developments in astronomy. There will also be a one-day pro-am event in which amateur and professional astronomers describe (in 15-minute talks, 1-minute statements and posters) how amateurs and professionals join forces to tackle important research topics. There will also be a round table discussion webcast directly from inside the dome of the 10.4 metre Gran Telescopio Canarias (GTC), currently the largest telescope in the world, a star party (at an altitude of 2200 metres and supervised by top professional astronomers!), an astrophotography contest (the winner will be awarded 60 minutes on the GTC) and a SETI booth. The Festival will include a live concert given by the band Tangerine Dream, who will use real sounds from the stars in their performance for the first time ever.

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If you are seeking an astronomical holiday with a difference, then  visit the Starmus website at www.starmus.com. Book now to meet legendary space pioneers in person, get an update on the Cosmos from some of the world's top scientists and much more!

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