Conference Session 1

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The doors to the AstroFest 2011 exhibition are just minutes away from opening! Here's a recap of this morning's conference programme - there are still tickets available to purchase on the door.

Friday, February 4, 2011
Session 1 (morning)


Chairman: Ian Ridpath

10.00Phobos and Deimos, the amazing moons of Mars
Emily Baldwin
Astronomy Now
10.35Observing with the Faulkes Telescopes
Paul Roche
Faulkes Telescope
11.10Coffee break

Chairman: Iain Nicolson

11.40Epsilon Aurigae: Eclipses from beyond the Solar System
Nathalie Thureau
University of St Andrews
12.15Strangers and giants: Uranus and Neptune
Chris Arridge
UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory
12.50Lunch break

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