Faulkes Telescope LIVE!

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AstroFest attendees were treated to a hugely successful LIVE demonstration of the Faulkes Telescope this morning. I think even the speaker, Paul Roche, was surprised at just how successful it was! 

The Faulkes Telescope Project uses two telescopes, one based in Hawaii and one in Australia, and gives access to schools and astronomical societies to collect data that can contribute to scientific research. 

With the help of a member of the audience (Nick Howes, not a fix at all!) he slewed the telescope to three objects - the eskimo nebula, a globular cluster and an open cluster - demonstrating just how easy it is to use the Faulkes interface. 

You can find out more about getting involved with outreach projects with the Faulkes Telescope at: http://www.faulkes-telescope.com/.

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