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Lower floor exhibitor: Astronomia

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Astronomia would like to announce a brand new product.... Our beautiful hardwood observing chair.
chair.jpgThe slender solid ash design makesthe chair lightweight and portable, with an adjustable seat that moves easily and quickly from an 850mm height right down to 200mm.  Four legs ensure complete stability even at full height, and an adjustable footrest provides added comfort for astronomers of every size.

The back of the chair reveals another brilliant feature - a built-in ladder making your eyepiece easy to reach no matter what size the telescope.

Top quality brass fittings and durable lacquer ensure that the chair will make a beautiful, robust and long-lasting addition to any serious astronomer's kit.

The chair is handmade in Surrey, England and is exclusive to Astronomia.  We will be launching it at Astrofest 2011 and will be taking orders at a special introductory price during the show.  The joiner who created it will be at the Astronomia stand to answer any questions.

Lower Floor Exhibitor: Atik Cameras

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Atik, in conjunction with Ian King Imaging, will be featuring a special limited edition run of ten  Gold 314L+ cameras (they are usually red) with custom carrying case and numbered Certificate of Authenticity.


In the meantime, why not check out our other products at: We look forward to seeing you at stands 25-27.

Lower Floor Exhibitor: Explorers Astronomy Tours

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Explorers Astronomy Tours will be promoting an exciting range of astronomical holidays featuring the Northern Lights in Iceland, meteor showers in Turkey and eclipses in the States andAustralia


At our stand you have the chance to win a discount of £250 off one of our tours by entering our competition.


If you've travelled with us before, why not pop over and share your experiences? We look forward to seeing travellers, past present and future at the show. We're based on the lower floor, stand 20.

Find out more:

Lower Floor Exhibitor: British Astronomical Association

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The BAA are launching a new membership offer at AstroFest this year, which includes 18 months membership for the price of a year and a new 72-page observing guide worth £7.50, free. Further offers and details can be seen on the flyer: 
Or, if you can't make AstroFest, download the PDF here, fill it in and return it to the BAA before 30 June 2011 when the offer closes. 

Lower Floor Exhibitor - the Society for Popular Astronomy

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AstroFest regulars the Society for Popular Astronomy - the UK's leading organisation for beginners - have something of a coup this year.

Fresh from his triumph presenting the BBC's Stargazing Live, pop star turned professor Brian Cox will be on hand on Saturday to lend support.

Brian will sign copies of his book Wonders Of The Solar System that have been purchased from the SPA stand. Signing will take place on the Upper Floor from 1.30pm to 3.30pm on Saturday only. If you can't make it, you can order a signed copy via the SPA here:

If you're not an SPA member, AstroFest is a great opportunity to join. Ordinary membership will cost you a special rate of £14 a year, saving £2 on the usual £16 fee. As a bonus, new members can also buy the SPA's invaluable How To Use A Telescope DVD for £4.99 instead of £9.99.
Other offers include an exclusive range of 3D cards featuring the planets of the Solar System at £1.99 each, the SPA Pen Light at £2.99 plus a Red Head Light for £9.99.

The SPA's valuable benefits include six issues a year of its bright, informative magazine Popular Astronomy, packed with articles, a round-up of developments in space research, reviews of latest books and telescopes, news from local societies, a Sky Diary telling you what you can see - and much more.

There are observing sections to help you discover the sky for yourself, regular meetings, observing courses, advisory services, email news bulletins and a discount scheme to help you buy telescope gear or admission to places of interest at reduced prices.

Find out more about the SPA by visiting their website. 

Lower Floor Exhibitor: Altair Astro, SkyShed POD & iOptron

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Visit Stand 34 for some great special offers from SkyShed POD, with many products attracting a 10% discount if ordered at AstroFest. Follow the links for further product info and images!


iOptron iEQ45 imaging-friendly GOTO telescope mount. 

The new lightweight iOptron iEQ45 Equatorial GOTO telescope mount will be on display and sale at Astrofest 2011. The iEQ45 combines features such as auto-guiding ports, built in GPS, a dark-field polar alignment scope with corresponding software alignment routine, and an impressive GOTO hand controller - all in an extremely light weight mount head. The iEQ45 is perfect for those who want to do astro-photography with minimal setup time and without having to carry heavy equipment. For customers ordering at Astrofest a10% discount applies to the iOptron iEQ45 and your new mount will also be drop shipped to you for free, so you don't have to worry about transport in and around London.

Thumbnail image for image001.jpg

iOptron Minitower and Minitower PRO GOTO Alt Azimuth mounts:

Thumbnail image for image002.jpg

iOptron are probably best known for their GOTO Alt-Azimuth telescope mounts, the Minitower and the Minitower PRO which provide a solid stable observing airline-portable package. The Minitower and Minitower PRO have one of the easiest-to-use hand controllers on the market, and features like GPS and one star alignment make the mount one of the fastest and easiest mounts to set up for visual observing under the stars. Once again, ordering at Astrofest attracts a 10% discount on the Minitower and Minitower PRO. Mounts will be drop shipped to you for free after the show

Altair Astro 8" and 10" Ritchey Chretien Astrographs:

The new Altair Astro Deluxe Ritchey Chretien Astrographs will be on display at Astrofest and if ordered at the show, a 10% discount applies to the Altair 8" & 10" RCs (your new RC scope will also be drop shipped to you for free so you don't have to worry about transport). Features include Quartz low expansion optics, baffled tubes for increased contrast, rear cooling fans, external dual speed focusers, and a carbon fibre optical tube with Vixen or Losmandy type dovetail bars on top and bottom. These telescopes are optimised for imaging, and are rapidly gaining a great reputation for delivering consistent high quality images at longer focal lengths.  



Altair Astro TMS:

Altair TMS is on special at Astrofest - all Altair TMS products will be available at a 10% discount if bought at the show. The Altair Telescope Mounting System is designed to mount your optical tubes on Vixen or Losmandy format bars and plates, either side-by-side or piggyback on top of another OTA. The TMS is extremely rigid and very accurately machined to ensure detailed images with tight small star points. The TMS not only fits Skywatcher, Losmandy and Vixen format systems, but is very self-modular, so you can set up TMS bars and plates in many different combinations. TMS clamps are designed to be easy to use with a "tip-in" action, to help you get your scope mounted safely and quickly. The Altair TMS ultra-light guide scope rings are a new, innovative design, with a skeletonised structure which reduces weight but keeps rigidity for less strain on your mount and a rigid auto guider setup. TMS Guidescope rings can be attached to all TMS clamps, bars and plates via two screws for a rigid connection. All TMS products are CNC machined and hand-made in the UK from stainless steel and aluminium, hard anodised in Altair Astro Blue to give you a great looking and durable system. 


Altair Astro 115mm ED Triplet APO with 3" flattener 3" focuser, and 60mm deluxe finder:

The new Altair Astro 115mm F7 APO is designed to give both visual observers and astro-photographers a platform which will deliver high quality, flat field images with the high contrast and colour correction that only an ED triplet APO can deliver. The 3" heavy duty focuser is optimized for imaging, and a 3" multi-element flattener is included with the scope, which threads directly into the focuser. The included Altair 60mm Deluxe Right Angled Illuminated Finder Scope with erect image, variable illuminator, finder bracket, and multi-purpose SCT/refractor base, is also on display. For customers ordering at Astrofest, a 10% discount applies to the Altair 115mm F7 APO and the scope will also be drop shipped to you for free, so you don't have to worry about transport in and around London.



The SkyShed POD Personal Observatory Dome is the most fully featured and easiest to set up dome on the market. The POD affords secure, waterproof and windproof protection for you and your telescope whilst observing or imaging. It offers ample equipment storage space with the option to add 1 to 5 equipment "Bays", and can be moved with little effort. The POD combines the features of traditional slotted observatory domes and roll-off shed observatories without the constraints and construction time, making it ideal for the amateur astronomer who wants to spend time imaging or observing, with minimal fuss and complication. The POD will be on display at the show and Altair Astro will be on hand to demonstrate it and answer any questions. Altair will also be displaying the popular and super easy to install SkyShed-Altair 8" Steel pier  and various adapters for your equatorial mount.


Lower floor exhibitor: Opticron

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Opticron (stand 21) will be showing a selection of the extensive range of Vixen astronomy products, with a number of special offers for AstroFest attendees, from a 10% discount on pre-orders for the new AXD mount, up to 30% on a selection of optical tubes and mounts and up to 40% on some visual and imaging accessories.

GP2 Photo Guider.jpg

Examples of the products on special offer at the event include:

  • A 30% saving on the retail price of the ED81S, Vixen's superb lightweight, 81mm ED refractor (shown at bottom of page)
  • More than 25% off the GP2 photoguider tracking mount for astrophotography (shown left)
  • Various focal reducers and extenders at 40% off retail price

Opticron will have stock of the majority of special offer products available for visitors to take away from the event. Larger items can be sent direct to customers from the company's UK warehouse after the exhibition. For those wishing to plan their purchases prior to attending the event, details of the complete Vixen range of optical tube, mounts and accessories can be found at

ED81S DSF.jpg


Lower floor exhibitor: Peak2Valley Instruments

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As refractor specialists, we are not only sole UK distributors for ISTAR OPTICAL and D&G OPTICAL telescopes and lenses, but also British manufacturers of premium large aperture instruments.  All optics are in-house designed, not mass produced generics. D&G objectives are autocolimation tested, ISTAR optics come with interferometer test report. Our own STARSPLITTER and CLASSIC refractors, designed and manufactured in UK, use Istar or D&G lenses as standard. 
istar cft152-8.jpg
d&g 1.jpg


Shown here are the ISTAR 152mm F8 Fluorite (left) and D&G 6" F12 (right) Visit Peak2Valley Instruments at stand 24 and find out more at 

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