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The AstroFest ticket hotline has been ringing all week, with calls from avid astronomers all over the world. Make sure you don't miss out on two days of fantastic lectures and three floors of astronomical exhibitions by getting your tickets now! You can order them online, as well as find out more information about the lectures and exhibitors from  or by calling 01732 446106 or 01732 367542. See you there!


Hi - Given the heavy snowfall last night and the prospect of heavy snowfall tomorrow over London, can you confirm that the show will still go ahead whatever the weather?

Absolutely, it will take more than a bit of snow to cancel AstroFest!

As we are currently under about a foot of snow, with more forecast during the afternoon, if we are unable to make it to A.F, how do we go about requesting a refund?

I really want to make it, but not if it becomes obvious that the travel is just not worth it.


.We really hope that everyone will be able to make the show in spite of the weather, but if you have any queries regarding tickets please call our enquiry number on 01732446106.

I did call the enquiry number - there will be no refunds no matter what - thanks!

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