A busy Friday morning

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It's been a busy Friday morning at AstroFest. The day kicked off with Astronomy Now's very own graphic designer Greg Smye-Rumsby presenting a tour of our Universe... in 3D! Thanks to the 3D glasses, images of the planets and star clusters really jumped off the screen, enveloping the audience. Next up was Dutch astronomy writer and journalist Govert Schilling, who presented 'The Hunt for Planet X', based on his new book of the same title, for which he travelled all over the world to interview the major protagonists in the search for new planets. Carolin Crawford took the audience on an illustrated journey through the Galaxy, showcasing some of the most spectacular images of the dust and gas that lies between the stars to tell the story of stellar birth and life. Finally, for the morning session, Richard Dunn summarised the invention and development of the telescope. 

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