Altair Astro's AstroFest specials

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One of AstroFest's exhibitors that can be found on the lower floor of the exhibition hall is Altair Astro. Be sure to check out their SkyShed POD (Personal Observatory Dome), a concept based around the need for astronomers to be able to use their telescopes without wasting time setting equipment up for each observing or imaging session - only to see the clouds roll in! 

Also check out the new 92mm TMB Triplet APO Refractor and Ritchey Chretien from Astrotech, which will also be on display at their stand. Both telescopes are shown here (below left) mounted on the Geoptik mounting system, which Altair Astro are also demonstrating with the new high end pier Geoptik pier which is perfectly suited for imaging with the SkyWatcher EQ6 mount (below middle).

Thumbnail image for IMG_2744.jpgThumbnail image for Treppiede00.jpgThumbnail image for DS series camera.jpg

Opticstar DS series CCD cameras (above right) are being offered at a 10% discount by Altair Astro. The DS 145M is the flagship camera in the Opticstar range with hardware noise and gain control and an extremely sensitive long exposure Sony chip. 

For more information on any Altair Astro product, please refer to their website at

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