AstroTrac launches new products at AstroFest

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Many of you will have experience using a camera tripod with the AstroTrac, and it's perfectly adequate with a camera lens or small refractor. For bigger lenses and 3-6 inch refractors or small reflectors, something more substantial is required. With this in mind, AstroTrac Ltd are aiming to launch three new products at AstroFest this year to work together with the TT320X to provide the ultimate portable tracking system:
  • A special wedge for mounting the TT320X on a tripod or pier
  • An ultra portable field pier
  • A rigid head to mount larger instruments on the TT320X
Furthermore, there'll be a 10% discount on the TT320X and Polar scope for all AstroFest attendees! 

For more information on AstroTrac Ltd products, visit

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